Today’s Links: February 7, 2012


SEN. ROB PORTMAN and SEN. MARK PRYOR: “A Push for Smart Regulations
“The Regulatory Accountability Act, which we introduced along with Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), would set the stage for lower-cost rules, greater transparency and a more stable regulatory environment for job creation and investment. First, drawing on executive orders by presidents of both parties over three decades, our legislation requires agencies to evaluate the costs and benefits of proposed regulations; consider the potential effect on jobs and the economy and choose the least burdensome approach that accomplishes the intended policy goals.”

BEN BAJARIN: “Why Technology and Innovation Are Critical to America’s Future
“While much technological innovation has taken place in the past 30 years, I believe that we’re just now at the beginning stages of one of the most technologically innovative time periods in our world’s history. It’s important that we ensure the new technological advancements, technology companies and innovations come from the United States.”

NEW YORK POST EDITORIAL: “Curb the Pensions!
“The unions may be dead set against it, but New Yorkers overwhelmingly support a new pension system for future government employees. […] Cuomo’s proposal is simple: Let new state and local hires pick between a traditional, but slightly less generous, pension and a 401(k)-style savings plan. Most private-sector workers don’t even get such a choice — but the unions were quick to denounce it as ‘an assault on the middle class.'”


IRELAND – Irish Urge Children to Leave Amid Job Losses
“Anthony Roche is urging his unemployed son to emigrate to Australia from Ireland to escape joblessness stemming from the country’s economic collapse. […] While signs are emerging that Ireland is beginning to recover 15 months after an international bailout, the government says the economy is in the midst of the worst crisis since World War II.”

CITIZENS UNITED – Obama Embraces Super PACS After All
“He may still find super PACs distasteful, but Barack Obama and his campaign have decided to throw their support behind Priorities USA, one that’s been fund-raising on his behalf. In an email Monday night, campaign manager Jim Messina wrote ‘we will not play by two sets of rules,’ and announced the campaign would support the political action committee’s fund-raising.”

DRUG LAWS – Woman Says Innocent Trip to Ala. Spirals Into Meth Charge
“Unless she wins her appeal, a Mississippi grandmother who spent $8.98 on a box of Sudafed must serve a year in jail.”