Today’s Links: March 14, 2012


BRADLEY R. SCHILLER: “California, a Bad Bet for Business
“Californians like to dismiss such assessments of the Golden State and instead point to its natural beauty and quality of life. They tend not to worry what people in other states think. But they should. California is no longer the economic miracle it once was. Silicon Valley no longer has a monopoly on high-tech talent and innovation. Hollywood has to compete for movie locations with Utah and Morocco. Real estate investors see better development prospects in states with fewer foreclosed and abandoned homes. And SoCal porn producers know they don’t need huge wardrobe containers to move to Nevada.”

SEN. JOHN CORNYN: “W.H. Not So Transparent on Freedom of Information
“When President Barack Obama first took office, he promised ‘an unprecedented level of openness.’ Instead, we have seen an unprecedented level of obstruction regarding the Freedom of Information Act.”

WENDY KAMINER: “A Pledge of Allegiance Battle Brews in Massachusetts
“Do the children of non-theist parents, or non-theist children, suffer religious discrimination when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited every morning in public school? Not according to the federal judiciary, which has rejected constitutional challenges to the inclusion of ‘under God’ in the pledge. The First Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the pledge does not violate the Fourteenth Amendment equality rights of non-theists (or First Amendment prohibitions on establishing religion and guarantees of free exercise).”


REGULATION – Barbers, Beauticians Get Snippy Over Striped Poles
“Friendly arguments aren’t hard to find in a barbershop, but try cutting in on a hallowed symbol — that red, white and blue pole — and it may be time to hide the scissors. Steeped in history and symbolism, those iconic cylinders spinning on storefronts across America are an increasing source of friction between barbers and beauticians. Minnesota, Michigan and North Carolina are the latest fronts in a spreading legislative campaign to reserve the swirling poles for barbers. The proposals, which often include fines for offenders, are driving a new wedge in a trade where gender lines have long run deep.”

FREEDOM OF RELIGION – British Government: Our Citizens Have No Right to Wear Crosses at Work 
“In a highly significant move, ministers will fight a case at the European Court of Human Rights in which two British women will seek to establish their right to display the cross.”

SUPER PACS – Poll: 69% of Americans Want to Outlaw Super Pacs
“Americans aren’t in love with super PACs, the new independent groups transforming the 2012 presidential election.”