Today’s Links: March 28, 2012


RICH LOWRY: “Madison’s Last Stand
“The shade of James Madison hovers over the Obamacare argument at the Supreme Court. It is the system of limited and carefully divided government powers that he had a large hand in crafting — and defended so ably in the Federalist Papers — that is at stake in the contest over the constitutionality of the individual mandate. If the mandate stands, it will be the latest blow to Madison’s scheme, which is the best architecture for self-government yet devised by man, but has been steadily worn down over time.”

ALLIE BOHN: “Yes, the States Really Reject Real ID
“Remember that time when Congress passed a law that tried to create a national database of drivers’ information and turn drivers’ licenses into national identification cards? And remember how groups from across the political spectrum joined forces to tell Congress, the president, and their state lawmakers that they objected to this law, known as Real ID, calling it an unfunded mandate that trampled on states’ rights, decrying its lack of sufficient protections and potential to increase racial discrimination, worrying about its negative impact on the Amish and other religious denominations, fretting that it would create an expansive and cumbersome new bureaucracy or facilitate the tracking of individuals?”

MAX BORDERS: “Will Crowdfunding Supercharge the Libertarian Movement?
“Creative people working in the liberty movement often have a hard time getting their ideas funded. Let’s face it: much of the movement is controlled by big donors and small committees of stewards. These committees have good intentions, but sometimes they distribute their largess like charitable Keynesians. […] Crowdfunding could help change all that.”


SURVEILLANCE – U.S. Trial Program Would Spy on Internet Users to Prevent Animal Abuse
“The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) offered an unusual contract (PDF) this month, soliciting bids from private software developers for a trial program that would scour the Internet for detailed information on all animal sales, potential animal welfare abuses and other unlawful economic activities relating to animals within the U.S.”

PRIVACY – FTC Calls For Laws to Protect Consumer Privacy on the Internet
“The Federal Trade Commission has joined the White House in calling on Congress to enact new laws protecting consumers’ privacy as they surf the Internet.”

ENERGY – Connecticut Wins Grant For Solar Panel Research
“The U.S. Department of Energy is giving Connecticut over $480,000 to improve rooftop solar panel installation through research.”