Today’s Links: May 17, 2012


LEONARD KILROY and HARRIS KENNY: “States and Cities Going Private With Infrastructure Investment
“As public debts grow, cities and states simultaneously face pressing needs to repair and modernize critical infrastructure assets that can’t wait if citizens hope to keep goods and services moving in the economy. For example, many interstate highways, which are owned and maintained by states, are reaching the end of their useful lives and will cost tens of billions of dollars to reconstruct.”

NEW YORK POST EDITORIAL: “Channeling George Orwell
“‘War is peace,’ wrote George Orwell. ‘Freedom is slavery.’ He would have made a hell of a New York City councilman: Turn truth on its head, he understood so well, and power is yours. Clearly that understanding animates Council Speaker Chris Quinn and her band of brigands and boodlers. Consider the council’s latest masterpiece — The Responsible Banking Act, passed into law Tuesday by a veto-proof 44-4 margin.”

STUART HOLLIDAY: “The French Elections and the Future of the Franco-American Relationship
“The electoral victory of François Hollande as president of France presents an opportunity to reflect on how far U.S.-France relations have evolved in recent years. This opportunity should also form the basis for a renewed commitment toward cooperation rather than a step backward.”


LEGAL – Judge Blocks Controversial NDAA
“A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction late Wednesday to block provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that would allow the military to indefinitely detain anyone it accuses of knowingly or unknowingly supporting terrorism.”

SPAIN – Bankia Hit by Report of Withdrawals
“Shares in Bankia, the Spanish bank that was part-nationalised last week, plunged by more than a quarter on Thursday morning, after a report that customers had withdrawn €1bn from the bank over the past week.”

WAR ON DRUGS – Groups Argues Weed Safer Than Booze
“A Colorado advocacy group is spending thousands of dollars to convince people that smoking pot is safer than drinking alcohol.”