Trump’s Executive Order on #NeverNeeded Regulations

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Over at National Review, I take a look at President Trump’s new Executive Order directing agencies to get rid of #NeverNeeded regulations:

Waiving regulations can take months or even years, even when they are clearly harmful. Trump’s new executive order is a start. It encourages agencies to use whatever emergency powers they have to speed along the cleanup process. Unfortunately, many drastic regulations are passed during emergencies, from unconstitutional national-security and surveillance policies to bailouts for favored big businesses. But fortunately, regulations can also be removed that way. We have a choice. The famous “ratchet effect” of government’s grabbing power during a crisis and keeping it afterward does not have to be an iron law.

Read the whole piece here. Kent Lassman and Wayne Crews made statements about the Executive Order here. Wayne Crews also wrote about it for Forbes. More reform ideas are at