Trust me, I found it on the Internet!

It may be true that everything is on the Internet, but good researchers have to beware. Here’s a nice example. For a piece I’m writing on the plastic hardening chemical BPA I wanted to find out how much is produced annually in this country. Here’s what the top hits produced:

1.Sep 16, 2008 … BPA has been cited as a component of plastic baby bottles. Over 2.2 million tons is produced each year and resides in the majority of people ……/study-confirms-human-health—bpa-plastic-link.aspx?… –

2.BPA Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Jan 13, 2010 … Manufacturers have used BPA for years to make plastics and resins. More than six millions tons of the chemical are produced each year and … – Cached –

3.Bisphenol-A In Plastic Packaging & Products Is Highly Dangerous

US – Many studies have concluded that exposure to Bisphenol A can be fatal, … There are approximately 2-3 million tonnes of it produced each year for use ……/bisphenol_a_in_plastic_packaging_and_products_is_highly_dangerous.html – Cached –

4.Numbers: Plastics, From Manufacturing to Recycling to Long Death …

Oct 21, 2009 … Four million tons of BPA are produced each year. A National Toxicology Program report (PDF) released last fall said there was “some concern” ……/21-numbers-plastics-manufacturing-recycling-death-landfill – Cached

So when they say it causes heart disease or “is highly dangerous” just how accurate is that?

(I think I’d better pick up the phone and call somebody!)