TV Review of the Year: “so bad it will make you regret being born with eyes”

Having grown up in Miami, I find movies and TV shows set there amusing, for irony if nothing else. Laughing at tacky TV and film depictions of Miami should have gotten old for me by now. But whenever it seems like that’s about to happen, Miami-based entertainment takes another strange turn, as Miami Herald TV critic Glenn Garvin writes:

I’m not saying Miami Social is so bad it’s good. I’m saying it’s so bad it will make you regret being born with eyes. I’m saying it’s so bad that if you saw a member of the cast burst into flame on the street, you wouldn’t waste your spit putting him or her out. I’m saying Osama bin Laden, if he sees it, will weep bitter tears of frustration that he went after the wrong American city.

A stupefying concoction of idiotic hubris, faux glamour and neurotic self-absorption, Miami Social purports to follow ”a close circle of seven friends who make this city spin,” including such civic heavyweights as a freelance editor, a freelance photographer, a South Beach party-planner and a real-estate agent who doesn’t know how to figure square-footage costs. (At last! An explanation for the collapse of the South Florida housing market!)

Makes me want to ask Glenn, “What do you really think?” (Thanks to Margaret Griffis for the Herald link.)

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