Ugandan Official Takes on Greens

In today’s Wall Street Journal Uganda’s director of Health Services Sam Zaramba points out the perils of anti-DDT campaigns to his country. He notes:

“Misguided environmentalists are killing Africans … Environmental leaders must join the 21st century, acknowledge the mistakes Carson made, and balance the hypothetical risks of DDT with the real and devastating consequences of malaria. Uganda has demonstrated that, with the proper support, we can conduct model indoor spraying programs and ensure that money is spent wisely, chemicals are handled properly, our program responds promptly to changing conditions, and malaria is brought under control.”

Amen. Unfortunately, it is more likely that environmental activists will criticize the health minister for taking a stand. With any luck, Dr. Zaramba can continue to make progress fighting malaria in Uganda without the greens’ blessings or support, and hopefully other nations step up and follow Zaramba’s lead.