USA Today: Full Medical Coverage or Nothing at All?

A write-up in USA Today by reporter Julie Appleby about health insurance gets some attention from our friends at the Business and Media Institute, including a cite of our very own Hans Bader and his scorecard of the nation’s Top 10 Worst State Attorneys General:

Appleby also turned to two New England Democratic attorneys general that have a predisposition against health insurers. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, recently rated the worst attorney general by Hans Bader of the free market Competitive Enterprise Institute, has a history of going after businesses — including tobacco, Microsoft and the health insurance industry.

The other, Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly, also ranks in Bader’s top 10 of bad attorneys general. Reilly has filed a lawsuit against the HealthMarkets, because they fail to cover services required by the state, according to the USA Today story.

Full USA Today article here. More on attorney general activism here.