“Vanity, vanity . . .” Myron Ebell featured in Vanity Fair’s “Green Issue”

It’s now at the newstand nearest you — the May 2007 “Green Issue” of Vanity Fair — featuring CEI’s own Myron Ebell in an interview and several photos. Check out p. 142 in the print edition (the article about Myron is subscription only on the website) for the column titled “A Convenient Untruth.” (Nudge, nudge — reference to Al Gore’s PowerPoint Oscar winner.)

Here’s what the contents entry says:

When scientists are united, and even corporate sponsors like ExxonMobil are backing off, how does a global-warming skeptic stay busy? As long as the media calls, Myron Ebell is happy to explain why CO2 is good. Michael Shnayerson catches him in full denial. Photographs by Jonathan Becker.

Yesterday’s heart-throb of the teenyboppers and now assistant Gore Guru, Leo DiCaprio, is the cover boy pictured with Knut the Polar Bear. More environmental “heroes” are featured inside — like Robert Kennedy, Jr. And for the “villains,” Vanity Fair puts Michael Crichton, Gale Norton, and George W. Bush in “Dante’s Inferno.” Very clever, those VF guys and dolls. More on Myron’s feature later.