VIDEO: ‘Gov’ Is Back and He’s Here to Help


Our creative friends at the Independent Institute in California are back with an entertaining new video series that pokes fun at some of the blundering missteps of big government. Back in 2015 Independent launched “Love Gov,” a narrative series in which apparently well-meaning character Scott “Gov” Govinsky tries to help out college-aged friend Alexis, albeit with disastrous consequences. With Gov as an allegory for meddlesome interventionism, the original series dramatized problematic government policies having to with education, healthcare, consumer debt, and housing. The second season, Love Gov2, has now hit the Internet.

This time Gov decides that his helping-friend relationship with Alexis was too limiting for his savior complex, and set his ambitions on solving problems for larger groups of people. He starts by becoming a low-income landlord to a group of Millennials who may or not actually need (or benefit from) his help. Watch all five episodes of the new series here.