VIDEO: Healthcare Reform Ideas from the Other Washington

John Barnes at the Washington Policy Center (motto: “Improving Lives Through Market Solutions”) passes on a 3-video series about the fight over healthcare “reform” we’re all part of:

As our government considers a serious overhaul of our health care system and even a public insurance plan, it is essential that the public understands how more government involvement will impact accessibility, affordability, and quality. Under the direction of Dr. Roger Stark, a retired surgeon with over thirty years of medical experience, Washington Policy Center has launched its 2009 Federal Health Care Reform Project.

As part of this project, WPC created these three short, informative health care videos detailing the current state of health care in the U.S., Congress’ proposed reforms, and practical solutions to the health care crisis. Click on the images above to watch the videos. Health care reform is far too important of an issue to be settled outside of the public light.

Watch them here:

The Problem:

The Plan:

The Solution: