VIDEO: Raising the Steaks on Jones Act Reform


Our friends at the Cato Institute are continuing their valiant fight against the wasteful protectionism of the Jones Act, a 99-year old law that requires cargo ships servicing U.S. ports to be entirely U.S.-owned and crewed. Many readers may remember when it briefly shed its usual obscurity in 2017 when the Trump administration agreed to temporarily waive its requirements in order to aid recovery efforts in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. That was good short-term news for Puerto Ricans, but also prompted a wave of commentary arguing (correctly) that “Jones Act waivers aren’t a solution; they’re a symptom of the problem.”

To help illustrate the human-level impacts, Cato has produced a series of short videos. The most recent one, “The Jones Act: High Steaks,” focuses on how higher shipping costs impact Hawaii’s beef industry.

Also, from December 2018, “The Economic Costs of the Jones Act

And, from October 2018, “It’s time to #EndTheJonesAct

Read “The Jones Act: A Burden America Can No Longer Bear” by Colin GrabowInu Manak, and Daniel J. Ikenson for the full story. All related content is collected here.