Video Response to Will Ferrell People Are Saying Mean Things About Big Government!

Remember that Will Ferrell, celebrity-packed video on Obamacare last month? The one from One of those “we’re from Hollywood, and we’re here to tell the little people how the world works” lecture-scolds. Yeah, it was an effort that induced the usual eye-rolling, oh-them-again sort of response from many viewers. Clearly, rich Hollywood celebrities making their living in performing arts know what’s best for normal, working people. (Has it occurred to them that this is a bit of a stretch?) Anyhow, someone’s done a clever video response, making the obvious point that opposition to Obamacare stems from the fact that many people don’t want Big Government in charge of health care. A point the Left seems to have a hard time grasping.

“People are saying a lot of mean things about Big Government!” Ha!!