Voter Fraud: An Epidemic of Repeat Voters

Thousands of out-of-state college students have illegally registered to vote in swing states like Virginia, even while registering, and applying for absentee ballots, in their home state as well.  Forty such names have already been forwarded to Virginia State Police

This process has been abetted by Virginia’s liberal governor, Tim Kaine, and his chief of staff, who did so in response to complaints by the Obama campaign, over protests by local voting officials across the political spectrum.

Kaine appointees attempted to illegally block the counting of military absentee ballots, based on a technicality preempted by federal law, even as they ordered local voting officials to disregard state law by allowing out-of-state college students to vote in Virginia elections

Virginia’s attorney general, Bob McDonnell, has now issued an opinion concluding that those military votes must in fact be counted.