Voter Fraud in Virginia Abetted by ACLU

People openly boast about fraudulently registering to vote in Virginia, a swing state, even though they actually live, and are registered to vote, in other states.  The Norfolk, Virginia election board tried to do something about that, by making sure that people registering to vote in Virginia actually do live in the state.  One way it did that was to send questionnaires to students who came from out-of-state to attend Virginia colleges, and then registered in Virginia, to see if those students really qualify as Virginia residents.   It had every right to do that under federal court rulings, which hold that it is perfectly OK to require such proof of domicile (permanent residence) from everyone, students included.

However, the Obama campaign protested this, even though the Norfolk, Virginia election board is comprised primarily of Democrats, and represent a liberal stronghold.   In response, state officials appointed by Virginia’s liberal governor, Tim Kaine, ordered the Norfolk election board not to send any more questionnaires to confirm students’ domicile, even though state election law requires domicile as a condition for voting and registration.  The Norfolk board has followed this order under protest, even though it believes it violates state election law.

Now, the ACLU is bombarding local election officials (such as voting registrars) with letters falsely claiming that the Supreme Court has ruled that students can register to vote, no questions asked, based on their temporary student residence — even if they are from out-of-state, have out-of-state license plates, pay taxes out-of-state, and recently registered to vote in another state.

Similarly, the Obama campaign is telling students that if they attend school in one state, but have a permanent residence in another, they can register in either state of their choosing — a virtual invitation to commit vote fraud.

The ACLU’s claim about the Supreme Court’s rulings is just wrong.  It’s certainly contrary to my understanding of the law, and as a lawyer, I’ve handled Supreme Court cases, including successful voting rights cases.  It’s also contrary to the understanding of George Mason University law professor Michael Krauss, who explains how the ACLU and others are misleading the public about what the courts held in Symm v. United States.

If out-of-state students can register in Virginia, despite not really living in the state, they may be able to parlay that into claiming lower in-state tuition rates — thus costing Virginia colleges and state taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I earlier chronicled strange things happening in Virginia, like Obama’s get-out-the-vote effort calling non-existent people in my household, as well as my infant daughter, to urge them to vote.

The left-wing activist group ACORN is active in registering voters in swing states, including imaginary people and minors.  It has a long history of vote fraud and financial fraud, and registering the same people to vote multiple times.  But little is being done about that, perhaps because it has close ties to liberal lawmakers, especially Obama.