Walter Williams on the EPA cover up

In a piece in today’s State Journal-Register, noted economist and commentator Walter Williams asks: “Why the rush to OK ‘cap and trade’ in the Senate?”  He addresses the major push now under way to pass the Waxman-Markey climate legislation through the Senate since it passed the House a couple of weeks ago.  In this quote he lays exactly what is at stake with this issue:

“Cap and trade” is first a massive indirect tax on the American people and hence another source of revenue for Congress. More importantly “cap and trade” is just about the most effective tool for controlling most economic activity short of openly declaring ourselves a communist nation and it’s a radical environmentalist’s dream come true.

He also mentions the EPA cover up story CEI broke just before the bill passed the House.  The EPA stifled the release of an internal report by one of its analysts that conflicted with what we have been told about global warming, for what look to be purely political reasons.  Take a look at the column, and related links, and see what you think.