Warmer climate for non-dogmatic climate research in Norwegian media

The global temperature has been stable since 1998 according to Ole Humlum at the University of Oslo. In the largest paper in Norway, he is stating that this stabilization can mean one of three things:

1. We have achieved a stable temperature
2. We have reached a “plateau” and rise again in a bit
3. We have reached a top in the global temperature, and it will soon start sinking again.

As a true scientist, Prof. Humlum says we do not have the knowledge of which one of these three alternatives will come to pass, but considering the fact that we have had an increase in CO2 concentration without a warming the last decade, the greenhouse theory should be considered debunked by now.

The dogmatics in Norway are stating that Humlum cannot use the record year of 1998 as a benchmark year, although they have no problem using the cool 1970s as the benchmark to prove that its getting warmer. I am not sure how they can throw out a decade’s worth of stable temperature as benchmark-related though.

Even though media in Norway has shunned the climate skeptics in Norway for a long time, their media climate is finally warming up. A push for less campaign journalism by the Norwegian trade publications for reporters on the week of the Nobel Prize gala in Oslo is slowly changing the debate. I talked to Prof. Humlum a few weeks before the Nobel award, and he had several tales of editors that told him that his research was not welcome on their pages, now he has a full page story in the biggest newspaper in the country.