Washington Post fires Last Shot (for a while) at Inhofe

The desire of global warming alarmists to close off debate was evidenced in a recent Washington Post editorial (of Sunday, December 10, 2006) which set the stage for the “rationalist” era of incoming chair Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Senators Boxer, Bingaman and Lieberman have already announced their intentions to seek immediate mandatory curtailment of carbon based fuels.

We’ll see. I suspect that when the reality of the impact of carbon rationing becomes clearer, the posturing will give way to reality. Expect rhetoric but little painful reality from the incoming team. Recall, PM Tony Blair’s response to a Liberal Democrat critic calling for Blair to support that party’s bill to restrict air travel. He noted, it’s easy to promote a policy when you won’t have to live with the consequences! The Democrats are now in charge and we can expect them to seek the moral high ground, but not to suffer the consequences of higher energy prices. America supports global warming responses — as long as they have no significant economic consequences. Diets, however, are painful; a fact that may yet save us.