Washington Post website today had December 30, 2009 news

For 15-minutes or more today, the Washington Post carried December 30, 2009 news.  Here are some of the front page articles:

Suicide bomber attacks CIA base in Afghanistan Bombing near Afghanistan-Pakistan border is believed to be deadliest single attack on U.S. intelligence personnel of the war, officials say.

Unnoticed clues haunt Fort Hood Viewed in retrospect, Nidal Hasan’s life becomes a trail of evidence leading to an inevitable end.

Charities look to last-minute gifts Nonprofits hope for an end-of-year surge in giving to mirror recent increase in consumer spending.

Washington Times cuts sections Paper slashes its 170-member staff, laying off top editor, scores of reporters, editors, photographers.

We know that the print media are having financial problems — have budgets been cut this much?  Or was it a case of hacking?

H/T Anonymous friend