“Water, water, everywhere . . . “

CEI’s Angela Logomasini and Ryan Radia focus on the bottled water issue in California country. Their op-ed in the Modesto Bee yesterday took on environmental activists campaigning against bottled water.

Their article lists lots of reasons why bottled water is different from tap water, and why consumers may choose to drink it. As Angela and Ryan point out:

Another overlooked benefit of bottled water is that it offers a consistent quality product. It is in a sense just like McDonalds. If you get a Big Mac in New Jersey, it’s pretty much the same thing as one you get California. Likewise, a bottle of Dasani from California tastes the same as one from Maine. Not so with tap water — different localities produce water of different quality. Tap water flavors come from many sources, ranging from minerals common in one area to different kinds of piping.

It all comes down to one simple question: Who should we trust to make the decision of what products we can buy? Should we trust busybody environmental activists or individuals who pay the bills and must live with the consequences of their own decisions? It’s a no brainer.