Welfare + Discrimination = “Stimulus Package”

The White House and Congressional leaders have reached an outrageous agreement to increase the deficit to pay for rebates that discriminate against married people, reward out-of-wedlock births, and give out welfare to non-taxpayers — all in the name of fighting a recession.

They’re giving out rebates, but if you are a middle-class taxpaying family in a high-living cost region, you’re out of luck. The rebates only go to single people making less than $75,000 per year or married couples making less than $150,000.

For the crime of being married to me, my wife, who made less than $75,000 last year (she recently quit her job to take care of our new baby daughter), will be denied her refund, because our combined household income is just a hair over $150,000. If we lived together “in sin,” she’d get a rebate, but because we’re married, she won’t.

If she weren’t married to me, she’d receive a rebate for our daughter, too! Too bad our daughter wasn’t born out of wedlock. Then we’d qualify.

By contrast, non-taxpayers — people who currently pay no federal income taxes and actually get an earned income tax credit back — will be eligible.

I previously explained why such rebates will do no economic good, will drive up the deficit, and increase taxes years in the future to pay off the increased deficits, here.