What does the public realize about the Toyota hybrid hysteria that the media are missing?

On YouTube you can view a news report regarding the Prius alleged runaway hysteria incident, complete with an excerpt from the 911 call James Sikes placed. “It must have been absolutely terrifying,” says the news anchor at the end. And that’s certainly the way the media have portrayed it. Everything happened exactly as the driver said, and it’s all Toyota’s fault. In Sikes We Trust.

But time and again when I look at comments appended to such news stories, I find virtually none of the readers or viewers are buying it. Last I looked there were 93 comments on the YouTube posting, of which I creamed this small number from the top. I am also wrapping an article on Mr. Sikes’ Wild Ride and if you suspect a hoax, well, watch this space.

  • This is obviously media crap. I wonder what toyota did to get ripped out by the media. Are they killing the US markets? Someone tell me!
  • This guy Should change his name to Mr. “James Sucks Bigtime.’
  • F***ING LIAR!!! Media whore liar!
  • Wow a car that has an engine more powerful than its braking system. What a crock! He should take his Prius to a tractor pull if he thinks its engine can overcome its brakes.
    I guess the service bulletin will be to install an anchor that can be thrown out the window.
  • This Driver is a Looser.
    Toyota makes Excellent Vihicles as long as its Imported Directly From Japan.
  • This driver is a scammer. He repeatedly ignored the operators suggestions to put his car into neutral. He’s a liar.
  • Exactly. This dick was wanting a new car.
  • despite enough time to call 911 and talk over,this old man is really stupid to be not able to kill the engine. so is every other people who agree with him.
    americans are not fair any more.
    no matter how they beat toyota, american car makers can never sur vive.
  • Maybe he should have put his reading glasses on to find the shifter and pop it in neutral… Another reason why old people shouldn’t drive.
  • This whole story sounds like a load of BS.
  • Fake government propaganda shit really..
  • FFS, just turn off the f***ing ignition, put in neutral or as others have said hit the fucking brakes…how hard is it!!!!!!!!
  • I just can’t believe this crap. It’s an absolute joke. This guy should not have a licence because he doesn’t know where the brake is.
  • I always laugh at this when I see it in the movies, even when they cut the brake lines. It seems nobody has the brain to drop a gear even with no brakes.
  • This guy had brakes. I know what wins between the brake pedal & the accelerator every time. THE BRAKE!!!!
  • This is laughable!!!!
  • if you fall for this crap then you deserve what comes as a result of it.
    His claims are exaggerated..just another “drama” against Toyota.
  • Idiotic american toyota driver … what about neutral shift??
    really LOL
  • but we know if something wrong with the pedal do not call 911 just put neutral shift and the car slow down
  • I suspect this is part of a smear campain against Toyota for being number 1 and releasing hybred cars to the public, they don’t use enough oil.
  • fake fake fake !!!!!!!!!!
  • doesn’t pass the smell test. This guy tried braking AFTER he made the time to call 911? a normal human would have tried to slow down so that he could avoid accidents.
  • don’t believe the media hype.. now that its “government motors” they will bash everyone else in the world until they fail.
  • No end to the fear mongering. Pay close attention to the language.
  • “… a reported 52 fatalities….”. Actually, NO.
  • There were 52 claims of fatalities made to the NHTSA, of which only 5 have been verified as genuine. The rest were just that, CLAIMS.
  • But why let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  • Why didn’t the whiney sissy just merely shift into Neutral, turn the ignition key to the off position and pull the damn key out? Then step on the Emergency Brake. Somebody didn’t learn their manhood lessons when they were supposed to back in their formative years. A kick to dah ballsss is badly needed here.
  • I don’t know if I buy his story. He said the car wouldn’t go into neutral, and the key wouldn’t turn off. He should name that baby Christine!