What price the planet?

When I read about sainted Al’s massive power demands I immediately thought, “Surely he must use Green Power from windmills or something like that.”

Apparently not:

Gore could not dispute the findings of the group as they come directly from public records.  Kalee Kreider, a spokesperson for the Gores, instead pointed out that both Al and Tipper Gore work out of their home and she argued that “the bottom line is that every family has a different carbon footprint. And what Vice President Gore has asked is for families to calculate that footprint and take steps to reduce and offset it.  (And) they are in the midst of installing solar panels on their home, which will enable them to use less power,” Kreider added.

Why doesn’t the World’s Greatest Scientist use Nashville Electric’s Green Power Switch?  At only $4 extra per 150 kwh it sounds like a bargain.

Except that with Al using 221,000 kwh of energy last year, it’d cost him $5,893 more.

Now this might sound like chicken feed for someone as wealthy as Al, but there you have it – even to the world’s most impassioned climate crusader, $6,000 a year is to much to pay to save the planet.