What’s the Big Deal about Spitzer?

I’ve previously called attention to stupid product bans around the nation. Now, with Elliot Spitzer — a member of CEI’s list of The Nation’s Top Ten Worst Attorneys General — under fire and likely to resign as governor as a result of his alleged involvement in a prostitution ring, it seems pretty clear to me that Spitzers’ problems are an issue for his family and New York’s voters to deal with.

But, provided that it comes out that he did nothing more than simply visit a prostitute while on a business trip–probably a misdemeanor — I don’t see why it disqualifies him right away. As best as I can tell (and most of the facts still aren’t out), he never lied about it in public and never let it interfere with his duties as governor. He has no criminal record so, even if there’s technically jail time attached, a judge would have a hard time giving him a sentence even if he’s found guilty. Spitzer has done a number of things I disagree with. But, personally, I can’t see a good reason for him to step down.