Who’s an FDR, a Ronald Reagan, or a Herbert Hoover on trade?

The Globe and Mail today (Toronto, Canada) looks at the U.S. presidential candidates and their views on trade as they talked about those issues on the campaign trail. The article rates them using three former presidents’ trade actions as the benchmarks:

You simply can’t know, from the current presidential campaign, whether Americans are getting set to elect a Franklin Delano Roosevelt (low tariffs, high taxes), a Ronald Reagan (low tariffs, low taxes) or a Herbert Hoover (high tariffs, high taxes).

How do they rate? Here’s what the article says:

Bottom line? Among these 17 candidates, judged on expressed support for an open and global economy, we have no FDRs, three Reagans and 14 Hoovers – some of whom must know that globalization can’t be stopped, and probably can’t be slowed, without risking another Great Depression.