Wikileaks’ Assange to Australian Times: “I’m Not Sorry”

Julian Assange wrote an op-ed in the Australian Times today essentially saying, “I’m not sorry”:

I grew up in a Queensland country town where people spoke their minds bluntly. They distrusted big government as something that could be corrupted if not watched carefully. The dark days of corruption in the Queensland government before the Fitzgerald inquiry are testimony to what happens when the politicians gag the media from reporting the truth.

These things have stayed with me. WikiLeaks was created around these core values. The idea, conceived in Australia, was to use internet technologies in new ways to report the truth.

Comparing himself to Rupert Murdoch, Assange quotes the media mogul: “In the race between secrecy and truth, it seems inevitable that truth will always win.”

After British police arrested Assange today, the WikiLeaks mastermind hid behind huge glasses, bringing to mind another Australian popular celebrity in recent zeitgeist memory.

Life imitates life imitates art.

Image credit: Byeskille’s flickr photostream.