Will Jefferson: A Man of Political Convictions?

It’s official – Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) has finally been indicted for bribery and on other related charges. As you might remember, he’s the legislator who was found with a suspiciously large block of U.S. currency stored in his freezer (approx. $90,000), and without a non-corrupt explanation for its existence.


Despite being stripped of his seat on the Ways & Means Committee, Jefferson is still a member in good standing of the House Democratic Caucus. Nancy Pelosi, of course, reminds us in a press statement today that gentleman from Louisiana is innocent until proven guilty. True – and with a 94-page indictment for prosecutors to wade through, it looks like we might have the technically innocent Jefferson around for some time. Here’s to hoping he’ll provide at least a little of the entertainment his Democratic colleague from Ohio did.