Will the Real Redisributionists Stand Up?

The populist rhetoric in the recent elections was widespread. We need to tax the rich and the greedy corporations – take from the rich and give to the poor. But such redistributionist tactics are old hat. The current weather situation suggests a far more innovative approach to this liberal program. I refer, of course, to weather redistribution. Colorado, one might have noticed, had too much snow, while the ski slopes at Eastern resorts were bare. Why doesn’t Congress do something about this inequity? Why not charge the Corps of Engineers to move the unwanted snow to where it would be valuable? And, while they’re at it, they might shift a little of our recent rain falls to the Western deserts. And, since Canada too is “suffering” from this horrible bout of balmy weather and foreign aid has not been getting a good press in recent years, why not make this redistribution effort NAFTA wide? After all, snowing the public has long been a political passion — now the politicians can do it with a greater rationale.