Worried about Immigration? Worry more about welfare state dependency!

With the US facing massive problems at home and abroad and
Louisiana far from recovered from Katrina, it is nice to see that the
legislators in both places are focused on the “Real Stuff!” The Congress has focused on a ban on allowing
horses to be used for consumption (the French can make anything
delicious). The results (unintended, of
course) will be to lower the value of horses, making them less suitable for
ownership and ensuring that the wild horse problem increases. A brilliant use of the coercive power of the state. Louisiana has focused on an equally important
issues — banning cockfighting! The
logic in both cases is the same as that which led the Puritans long ago to ban bear
baiting — not because of the pain to the animals but rather because it was
enjoyable to the lower classes.

So don’t worry about our politicians forgetting about the
smaller issues — it’s really all they want to do!