Worst. Show. Ever. (With a Tiny Redeeming Quality.)

To the surprise of nobody, CBS canceled the bizarre murder mystery/musical/comedy Viva Laughlin after dismal ratings this past Sunday. Yes, the show was terrible. Yes, I watched both episodes. Yes, I’ll never get those 2 hours back.

But I do want to observe one thing: the show is the only network show I can remember–ever–that features a wealthy businessman as a hero. Plenty of shows, for sure, have involved well-off doctors and lawyers. But heroic, successful entrepreneurs are, best as I know, altogether absent from network television. It’s interesting to me that Tony Soprano, a psychotic gangster, actually received a more sympathetic portrayal than the typical CEO of a large company in a network drama.

So, even though the show was awful, I’d still give Viva Laughlin one, faint cheer for trying something new.