Yet Another ACORN Scandal

ACORN, which had its housing funds cut-off by Congress over a recent scandal, is now embroiled in a tax-evasion scandal, reports the Washington Times.

ACORN has long received taxpayer money despite a history of financial fraud and voter registration fraud.  ACORN helped spawn the mortgage crisis by promoting “liar loans.”

ACORN is a left-wing group that launched Obama’s career as a community organizer.  He has long-standing ties to ACORN, and an ACORN affiliate received received $800,000 from Obama’s campaign.

ACORN stands to profit greatly from Obama’s financial-regulation proposals, which would strengthen the Community Reinvestment Act  (The Community Reinvestment Act is extremely harmful to banks and prudent lending, pressuring banks to make risky, low-income loans).  Its affiliates and related entities would also likely profit from Obama’s health-care plan.