You Know You Need to Get a Life When…

…you make the passage of an anti-Ladies Night ordinance your primary goal in life. That’s the case with Coloradoan Steve Horner, who decided that Ladies Night promotions at bars were illegally discriminating against men. This led to a complaint to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which…agreed with him. At the Commission’s monthly meeting this week, they passed a resolution condemning Ladies Night promotions, helpfully suggesting alternate marketing strategies. Denver’s alt weekly Westword has the story:

…the commission made it through the weightier agenda items involving truly horrendous instances of discrimination to item “VI a) Discussion and action by the Commission regarding ladies night.” And it did take action: “Ladies’ night promotions may not involve price differentials or other differential treatment based on a protected class, whatever the intent,” reads the resolution it adopted. “The Commission strongly discourages ladies’ night promotions and recommends instead that establishments consider neutral promotions involving perhaps free or reduced admissions to a limited number of customers who appear before a certain time.”

Just what this state needs: bar specials designed by bureaucrats.

Exactly. I can only imagine how unpopular Steve is going to be amongst his fellow bar patrons – both the women who used to get cheap drinks and the men who enjoyed chatting them up. He might not rise to Steve Bartman levels of infamy, but he certainly won’t be getting any high fives from Colorado’s drinking/flirting community.