Yum — holiday menu features “natural” carcinogens

For years the American Council on Science and Health has featured their "Holiday Menu" at Thanksgiving time. Their menu features "natural" foods that contain natural carcinogens — none of that processed food for them. But ASCH notes that even though carcinogenic substances occur naturally in most foods, there's no need to worry about them, just as there's no reason to worry about small traces of man-made chemicals in other food. As ASCH notes:

Scientists associated with the American Council on Science and Health analyzed the natural foods that make up a traditional holiday dinner — and have found that they are loaded with "carcinogens": chemicals that in large doses cause cancer in laboratory animals. None of these chemicals are made by man or added to the foods. Indeed, all of these "carcinogens" occur naturally in foods. But ACSH scientists have good news: these natural carcinogens pose no hazard to human health.

"The widespread presence of natural carcinogens in our food is clear evidence of why trace levels of man-made chemicals that cause cancer in lab animals should not be a concern," notes Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, president of ACSH.

Now let's take a look at ACSH's Holiday Menu, which —

. . . highlights the chemicals — and the carcinogens — that Mother Nature herself has put in our food. These natural carcinogens, by and large, have been shown to cause cancer only in very high doses given to lab animals over a lifetime.