Zimbabwe Dictatorship Burns Critics’ Wives Alive

The militia of Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe is burning to death the wives of his critics.  Rulers of most neighboring African countries continue to support Mugabe nevertheless.  Their past support for Mugabe was fueled by resentment of Western criticism of Mugabe for attacking Zimbabwe’s white minority, and seizing the white-owned farms that were the backbone of its economy.  The people currently being burnt to death, like most of Mugabe’s victims, are black, not white, but many African rulers continue to view Mugabe as an anti-white hero.

Zimbabwe’s government is deliberately starving its own people, telling relief agencies that feed hundreds of thousands to halt all aid work.   It is also attacking orphaned children who survived on Western aid: “many have been beaten, and some schools have been taken over by pro-government forces and turned into centers of torture.”

African rulers aren’t alone in believing that anti-white racism excuses a multitude of sins.  A milder version of this mindset exists among “progressives” in the U.S., who will put up with complete nonsense from “diversity trainers” like Glenn Singleton as long as their rants include trendy anti-white slogans and mantras — even if those rants reinforce insulting racial stereotypes about minorities, such as the pernicious idea that planning ahead and studying hard are “acting white.”  Such nonsense doesn’t keep their racist promoters from being cited as gurus on race relations by liberal blogs.