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CEI Weekly: Measuring Happiness

CEI Weekly


CEI Weekly: Measuring Happiness


from the Competitive Enterprise Institute

Friday, August 30, 2013

Featured Story: Measuring Happiness


Politicians and bureaucrats are fond of citing "Happiness" indeces when making public policy decisions. A happiness index purports to be a real measure of people's well-being--but is it? A new CEI study by Vice President Iain Murray and Research Associate Blake Taylor takes a closer look at the surveys used to "measure" happiness and finds that both the questions and conclusions are largely arbitrary. Read more here.


CEI Podcast


August 29, 2013: Consequences of Net Neutrality (Listen here)


In 2010, the FCC issued regulations to implement net neutrality. The resulting legal challenge is about to hit the D.C. Circuit Court. Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews explains why net neutrality policies would hamper innovation and reduce competition in high-tech infrastructure.

Shaping the Debate


The EPA Doesn't Have to Tell Anyone Anything, Or Does It? (Link)

Lawson Bader's column in Human Events


Don't Let Entrepreneurs Become a Casualty of the Immigration Impasse (Link)

Iain Murray's op-ed in Huffington Post


D.C. Abuzz About Energy Drinks (Link)

Michelle Minton's op-ed in The Hill


Feds Should Stay Out of the CBS Blackout (Link)

Ryan Radia's op-ed on RealClearPolicy


Flawed Durbin Ruling Boosts Fed's Odds (Link)

John Berlau's op-ed in Credit Union Times


DOJ Suit Against Airline Merger Further Alienates Unions (Link)

Marc Scribner's citation in Fox News


​The Happiness Lobby (Link)

Iain Murray & Blake Taylor's citation in The Washington Times


Best of the Blogs


Historians Should Learn the Economic Way of Thinking (Read on OpenMarket)

By Iain Murray


Fuel Switching Plan Threatens Ratepayers in Oklahoma (Read on GlobalWarming)

By William Yeatman


Playing Politics with Public Pensions (Read on OpenMarket)

By Ivan Osorio


By Opposing Airline Merger, Obama Risks Wrath of Powerful Unions (Read on WorkplaceChoice)

By Marc Scribner




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