Justice Dept. Sues Google Again Alleging Monopolistic Ad Tactics

Google was joined in criticizing the Justice Department by Jessica Melugin, the director for technology and innovation at the Washington, D.C.-based public policy organization Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Melugin said the Justice Department incorrectly assumes its intervention is needed to ensure advertising competition with Google.

“Digital ad rates have been dropping, not rising and we’re seeing more competitors entering that market,” Melugin told The Well News.

Government intervention such as through the Justice Department lawsuit interferes with free market forces that already protect consumers, she said.

“If you get in the way of that cycle, you can expect costs to go up, not down,” Melugin said.

She suspects the lawsuit hides the true motives of the Justice Department.

“It’s a very political goal and that’s beating up on Big Tech,” she said. “It doesn’t help consumers.”

The lawsuit filed Tuesday is the second by the Justice Department against Google alleging antitrust violations in the past three years.

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