9.7 billion hours required to complete 1 year of federal paperwork

Washington Examiner speaks with Clyde Wayne Crews on how many hours it took Americans to fill out and compleate federal paperwork in 2015. 

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, which charts the burden, put it a different way. Clyde Wayne Crews, vice president for policy and director of technology studies at the Institute, said that it would take up every single breathing moment of nearly 14,000 Americans.

In his report on the OMB review, Crews wrote:

How does one visualize 9.778 billion hours? Few can, but there’s this. An 80-year human lifespan is 29,200 days. That’s 700,800 hours.

That means the December 2016 OMB report’s 9.778 billion hours of paperwork took up the equivalent of 13,953 full human lifetimes.

The government figures the value of an hour of work at $20, and Crews estimated that the new report reveals a cost to the country at $195 billion.

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