Activists Try To Silence Global Warming ‘Skeptics’ At UN Summit

The Daily Caller reports on the wanted posters that feature climate sceptics, including CEI's Chris Horner, which are posted on the streets of Paris. These signs are created for intimidation purposes by enviornmentalists at the United Nations global warming summit.

Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow Chris Horner was strolling the streets of Paris around the U.N. conference when he saw a wanted poster with his headshot on it. The poster, from the environmental group Avaaz, labels Horner a “Climate Criminal” who is a lobbyist for the “carbon industry” who’s a “climate skeptic.”

“Having bragged about the honor on my first book’s cover nearly nine years ago, I’d say it’s getting a little long in the tooth,” Horner tells The Daily Caller News Foundation. “If memory serves they first broke out the wanted-poster motif at the Montreal COP; Lisa Jackson/’Richard Windsor’ somewhat hysterically decried my FOIA efforts as ‘criminal.’”

“Left unmentioned is the FOIA work is mere flattery of Greenpeace’s, following in its footsteps from the University of Virginia to the Smithsonian and elsewhere,” Horner says.

Horner’s unfazed by the poster, but it’s just another example of how environmental activists are trying to silence skeptics attending the U.N. summit — a summit being hailed as the “last chance” to save the planet from environmental catastrophe.

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