After 12 Months of Trump, Here’s What 100 CEOs Are Saying About His Effect on Business

Inc. covers deregulation under the Trump administration.

Donald Trump doesn’t talk much about entrepreneurship. Conventional wisdom says he favors incumbents over disruptors. Still, one year into Trump’s presidency, entrepreneurial sap is rising.

In a recent survey of more than 100 growth company CEOs from the Inc. 5000, 71 percent rated the administration’s impact on entrepreneurial businesses as mostly or somewhat positive. Just 22 percent called it mostly or somewhat negative. In 20 follow-up interviews, respondents disagreed about how much credit Trump deserved for their rosy fortunes, and many expressed discomfort with the tenor of his leadership. But the majority agreed that, so far, the administration’s policies have been good for their businesses.

Last year, Trump signed an executive order requiring agencies to kill two regulations for every new one issued. A year later, there has been less actual revoking and more postponing or canceling of rules already in the pipeline (roughly 1,500 to date, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute). New rules, meanwhile, are slower out of the gate.

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