Also in Court News – Mann Defamation Continues

ALSO IN COURT NEWS — MANN DEFAMATION CASE CONTINUES: A D.C. Superior Court judge on Friday shot down a request by National Review Online to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought against it by climate scientist Michael Mann, letting the case move forward. Mann sued NRO and the Competitive Enterprise Institute after a 2012 CEI blog post (also picked up by NRO) called Mann the “Jerry Sandusky of climate science” and accused Mann of fraud. Judge Natalia Combs Greene also indicated it’s looking more and more likely there is “sufficient evidence in the record to demonstrate that [Mann] is likely to succeed on the merits.” The judge called the NRO’s words “something more than mere rhetorical hyperbole” and said the group’s continued questioning of Mann’s work, which has been found sound by several investigations, “could be likened to a witch hunt.” She added that using Mann’s name in the same sentence as Sandusky’s “is clearly outrageous.” The Friday order, via Climate Science Watch: