Another push for electric vehicles

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CEI’s Marlo Lewis is cited on WNG about another push for electric vehicles:

MARLO LEWIS: Ford has lost $4.7 billion on its electric vehicle program… just in 2023.

Marlo Lewis is a fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

LEWIS: It translates into something like $64,000 a vehicle that Ford has been losing on each EV it sells in the last year.

The EPA says any extra costs to manufacturers and consumers will be offset by billions in savings from limiting natural disasters due to climate change and health problems due to poor air quality, among other things.

But there’s a problem.

LEWIS: The EPA refuses to calculate what the actual mitigation of climate change these these standards will accomplish. In other words, how much warming will this avert? How much sea level rise will this avoid? They don’t say. They declined to say.

The EPA estimates its rules would avoid 700 tons of carbon emissions. However, the numbers the EPA provides don’t take into account things like more strain on the power grid or more mining for the minerals needed for batteries.

LEWIS: We’re dealing with changes in the world that are, for all practical purposes, infinitesimal. These are phony benefit benefits. An effect that cannot be experienced by human beings or other living things is a benefit in name only.

So, are auto manufacturers likely to go along with this?

Well, if they don’t comply, they could be hit with extra costs and fines. And under current law, they can’t challenge it directly. But with recent Supreme Court precedent from the 2022 case West Virginia v. EPA, that could be open to litigation.

LEWIS: Congress has not clearly authorized the EPA to say we think it’s better that there be no internal combustion engine vehicles, and therefore we are going to phase them out.

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