Antitrust Explained

The Washington Times cited Vice President for Strategy Iain Murray on CEI’s video, “Antitrust Explained.”

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren is among those who insist that “big tech” is bad news for consumers, innovation and property rights. There are now calls to use antitrust law to penalize or quash big tech companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google.

“Before we take that step, we need to ask ourselves: Do we need heavy-handed government regulators using antitrust regulation to break up big firms? What will we be losing by hacking apart the nation’s most successful companies?” points out Iain Murray, vice president of strategy for the Competitive Enterprise institute, a nonprofit policy group.

“History is rife with examples of once-dominant large companies, like CompuServe and Nokia, which fell from their positions of power because they were unable to innovate enough to compete in the free market. The truth is that government intervention does more to create barriers to entry that entrench powerful incumbent corporations than the free market, which forces companies to innovate in order to grow their business and prosper,” Mr. Murray explains.

That said, his organization has launched a comprehensive video and information source for consumers brave enough to approach the complex matter. Find it all at

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