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Axios discusses the endangerment finding with Myron Ebell.

“I don’t think you’re going to see [EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt] challenge the endangerment finding. I think it’s a fool’s folly to go down that road right now, and I don’t think that he’s a fool,” said Gina McCarthy, who led EPA under President Obama.”

McCarthy, in this interview with E&E News, is referring to whether Pruitt will agree with some conservative activists who want him to try and overturn the 2009 finding that greenhouse gases are a threat to humans. He hasn’t made moves to challenge the finding thus far.

Striking back: Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has petitioned EPA to overturn the finding, questioned McCarthy’s bona fides to predict the outcome of an effort to nix it.

  • He noted that the Supreme Court put a stay on the power plant carbon emissions rules her EPA crafted, despite efforts to craft a regulation that would withstand legal assault.

  • “As a soothsayer, Gina McCarthy’s record isn’t so hot, and so I would advise Scott Pruitt not to take her prophesies for anything more than their entertainment value,” Ebell said in a email.

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