Baby formula shortage should spur new thinking about regulations

Photo Credit: Getty

The Richmond City Daily Journal cites CEI Senior Fellow Ryan Young on health care supply chain barriers:

Like the baby formula shortage, the COVID-19 pandemic represented a terrible story. There was no upside to shutdowns, lockdowns, and drastic shifts in people’s lives because of the coronavirus.

Yet early in the days of the pandemic’s grip on American society, CEI launched its #NeverNeeded social media campaign. It highlighted federal and state government regulations that hampered Americans’ response to COVID. As early as March 18, 2020, CEI’s Ryan Young already had documented a significant number of opportunities for reform.

Tariffs and supply chain barriers prevented health care supplies from reaching the places where they were needed most, Young reported. (That should sound familiar to those tracking details of the baby formula story.) The Food and Drug Administration’s standard approval process seemed overly stringent for vaccines, treatments, and tests. (The Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed helped address that issue.)

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