Banning Straws

John Stossel for Creators Syndicate Online cited Senior Fellow Angela Logomasini on the plastic straw ban.

Banning straws “might make some politicians feel good,” says the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Angela Logomasini in this week’sStossel TV video, “but it won’t actually accomplish anything good.”


“That’s the beauty of plastic. It’s enduring,” says Logomasini.

She also points out that paper and bamboo straws aren’t environmentally pristine. “Paper products take more energy and effort to produce. And paper doesn’t degrade in a landfill, either. Everything (in landfills) is essentially mummified.”


“This is what environmentalists say about every policy they put out — a few cents here, a few cents there,” says Logomasini. “But eventually, it begins to be a burden. Banning straws isn’t going to do anything for the environment. So what they’re trying to do is take away my freedom for nothing in return.”

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