Barack Obama has imposed more regulations than any other president in history

Rare discusses regulation's record breaking year with Wayne Crews. 

President Barack Obama is on track to impose more regulations than any other American president. Yesterday, the Federal Register, which publishes the official rules and regulations of the federal government, crossed the 70,000-page mark for 2016. According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Clyde Wayne Crews, it is the soonest in the year the register has ever hit that page mark.

Crews points out that the Obama administration has set numerous other rule-making records as well:

The all-time record-high Federal Register was 81,405 pages in 2010. In fact, six of the seven all-time high federal register page counts have happened under the Barack Obama administration.

CEI estimates that the Federal Register will end this year with slightly fewer than 90,000 pages. The compliance cost for those regulations is up to $6.72 billion, which will be borne by private businesses and ultimately passed along to consumers and employees.

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