‘Beepocalypse Not’: Alec lobbyists abuzz in defense of pesticides amid die-offs

The Guaridan cites CEI`s Angela Logomasini on the pesticides having been blamed for the `beepocalypse`:

“The term ‘beepocalypse’ was hype and focused on the wrong issues,” Angela Logomasini, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told the Guardian on Friday before giving an official conference talk titled: “Beepocalypse Not”.

“The issue has been way overblown. We’re not in a battle against nature. It’s an agricultural management issue.”

This being Alec, where corporations and politicians forge common interests, Logomasini had a pointed conclusion: pesticides are OK.

Other factors hurt bees, not pesticides, and so the US should resist pressure to ban them. “The reality,” Logomasini said, “is without these products we can’t produce enough food at low cost.”