Biden admin is preparing to target Americans’ gas furnaces amid stove crackdown

Between 40%-60% of the current residential furnaces on the market currently would be prohibited under the proposed regulation

Ben Lieberman is cited on Fox News about the crackdown on gas stoves:

“This is a classic example of one size not fitting all,” Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Fox News Digital in an interview. “Every home is different, every homeowner is different and people are best off having a wide range of choices. They can work with their contractor to make the best decision for their home and their circumstances.”

“The efficiency standard would effectively outlaw non-condensing furnaces and condensing alternatives would be the only ones available,” Lieberman said. “Those are more efficient, but they cost more. And installation costs could be a big problem for some houses that are not compatible with condensing furnaces.”

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