Biden’s billion-dollar plan to build 500,000 EV chargers has yet to yield a single charger

Eight EV chargers are being built with funds from President Biden's infrastructure law that earmarked $7.5 billion for 500,000 chargers

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CEI’s Daren Bakst is cited on Fox News regarding the EV plan:

“Too many members of Congress think ‘Field of Dreams’ is a blueprint for infrastructure: build it and they will come. No, they won’t come. Because Americans didn’t want EVs when this wasteful spending was passed and they don’t want them now, even with all the massive subsidies and incentives to buy EVs,” Daren Bakst, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, told Fox News Digital.

Bakst added that car dealers are continuing to warn of waning interest in EVs and manufacturers are rethinking their EV strategies. Last month, in a letter to President Biden, a coalition of thousands of car dealers from around the country said they opposed any EV mandate, saying “enthusiasm has stalled” for EVs and noting their lots are full of EVs consumers don’t want.

Bakst further called for Congress to fully defund the NEVI program to save taxpayers money. 

“Market realities influence the states that play a central role in whether EV chargers will be built,” Bakst continued. “Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that no EV chargers have been built using the $7.5 billion. States don’t want to waste time and money on building EV chargers that will fail.”

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